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Padgett Business Services® Testimonials

Business Support, Business Tools, Franchise Opportunity

By becoming a partner with Padgett Business Services®, I have taken control of my destiny. Obviously my hard work has helped make it happen, but without the Padgett system, training and support, I could not have done it.

Geoff Fry. London, ON

Without the direction and tools provided by Padgett Business Services®, there is no way that I could be in the successful position that I am today.

Rick Phillips. West Union, SC

Padgett Business Services® continues to provide me with excellent ongoing support and encouragement concerning all aspects of my accounting and tax practice.

Bob Newcomb. Halifax NS

When you join Padgett, you get the best of both worlds. You receive personalized service of a small business provider, but you enjoy the benefits, experience, and resources of a leader in the business services industry.

Jim Ostrander. Airdrie, AB

The Padgett Business Services® Franchise attracted me because it was a proven system and it was acclaimed by trade publications to be the best in the business. Padgett is the best career move I have ever made.

Bob Brady. Dublin, CA

What originally drew me to Padgett was the fact that they had all the systems in place ready for me to be able to start my business and be successful. What keeps me is that I received a lot more than just a system. I have support, not just from the franchise, but from the other office owners as well. I am independent, but I still have a “family” that cares and supports me. Everyone is willing to answer questions, share their own challenges and congratulate your successes.

Marie Kelley. Montgomery, TX